Conerga is Metal Expert Group company. Activity of the firm concentrates on preparation and development of projects in the fields of renewable energy and new technologies in power engineering. We work on wind power biogas and photovoltaic projects.

The connection with Metal Expert, a company which works with an international concern Alstom Power , allows Conerga create a stable business foundation and taking advantages from many years of being familiar with the polish energy market.

We offer a comprehensive implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy as well as consultations, economic, technical and financial analyses.

We support green trends in the energy sector

Renewable energy sources has become one of the fastest growing sectors of market in recent years. Projects developed in the field of wind energy are one of the most interesting for investors because of their relatively short preparation time and above-average rate of return.


We are accompanied by a group of engineers and professionals who design, implement and deliver new solutions to the power industry.
Our aim is to invest in our common energy future of our country by promoting and developing innovative technologies for the power industry. We believe that just as in previous decades the computers and Internet have revolutionized our reality, so in the next few years new energy technologies will become the basis of the world economy revolution. We want to participate in this changes by creating new sources of energy that will lead us into the future.