Business Model
Thanks to Metal Expert group we have a stable business foundation and good relationship with energy market. We have a team of personel with extensive experience in this line, however we are awake to the fact, that know-how isn’t enough to accomplish realization with a success. In the renewable energy sector the investment project finalization brings tangible benefits, but not without a number of risks. An accurate diagnosis of this risks allow to finish investment
within the assumed time, while maintaining the desired parameters.

Good relations with local society.
In our actions we attach importance to communication with the native society. Our managers are in constant touch with inhabitants and local authorities establishing a good and stable relationships that allow for smooth running of investment procedures.
In our actions we take care about atmosphere of mutual goodwill and acceptance of local communities.

Effectiveness supported by a series of procedures.
The key to effective implementation of projects is not only broad industry knowledge but also the right project management strategy through which an investment is progressing smoothly. It is essential to adopt appropriate risk controls that allow the suspension of investment at a time when the level is too high (stoploss).

Hedging risk in the project.
We are able to manage risk in the project by taking appropriate actions which lead to eliminating it, reducing its size to an acceptable level or a decision to discontinue the investment. We have a strategy to compensate losses resulting from the suspension of investment which we willingly share in the closer conversation.