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We share vision (The vision connect us)
Our proven managers are the ones whom we owe our position in the market. Their long experience, gained in various sectors of the power industry, provide us to reach our goals. Careful selection of co-workers and subcontractors allows us to create a unique team which shares interests with work.

Specialists in the field of wind energy projects
With a team that has already completed many projects of this kind, Conerga is aware of both the benefits and risks at the stage of the investment process. With this knowledge, we can offer to our partner transparent funding model and skillful methods of managing investment risk. Human resources and widely understood, long-term adherence to the energy market is one of our key competitive advantages.

Not only the wind energy
As a group, we do not realize only projects related to wind energy. We are closely following the changes in the global energy market and analyzing the energy needs of the country. That inspire us to creating and bringing to the market new product solutions. We develop innovations that are gaining the trust and support of fund providers. One of the best indicators of our effectiveness and credibility in this area are grants received from the European Union in the framework of the Innovative Economy program, in such competitions as, for example, "New investments of high innovative potential."