The Group, which is present in the energy sector for a long time
Conerga was established as part of the Metal Expert Group, which operates in energy industry since 2005, producing components for power plant units and delivering services to polish conventional energy market. The connection with Metal Expert allows Conerga create a stable business foundation and taking advantages from many years of being familiar with the polish energy market. Metal Expert Company has its manufacturing facilities in Elblag, in one of the most modern industrial parks in Poland. The company draws from experience of a traditional metal processing center – the industrial plants in Elblag. In the course of its business Metal Expert have earned the accreditation and trust of prestigious companies of the power and machine industry, such as ALSTOM Power, Siemens Turbochargers Sp. z o.o. and MAAG Gear. From the beginning, Metal Expert its growing very rapidly, increasing its revenue by more than tenfold, comparing to the first year of operation. As a result, Metal Expert can now be counted among the companies with the greatest competence in its industry.

Metal Expert

We support green trends in the energy sector

Renewable energy sources has become one of the fastest growing sectors of market in recent years. Projects developed in the field of wind energy are one of the most interesting for investors because of their relatively short preparation time and above-avarage rate of return. Preparing projects in this area, Conerga offers to investment partner financing the process of development wind farm project with debt securities.

“World’s first ecological production of steering diaphragms”
In recent years, our team has received the support of the European Union to launch a new production technology for power industry (a project titled “World’s first ecological production of uniformly tensioned circular steering diaphragms” – total value of approx. 16 million. PLN. Metal Expert has successfully completed an investment that allowed to bring to market a new, innovative product for power industry – uniformly tensioned steering diaphragms. The investment was completed within the Special Economic Zone, where the company has purchased land with a total area of ​​2.2636 ha. To implement the production, a new production facility with an area of ​​approximately 1600 m2 with office facilities with a total area of approximately 700 m2 was build. The project has received the maximum subsidy from EU funds in the total amount of PLN 11 million under the Operational Programme Innovative Economy, Priority Axis Investments in innovative projects, 4.4 “New investments of high innovative potential.” The implementation of the investment took place from May 2009, and it was completed in January 2012. Currently, expansion of the production facility for a further 1600 square meters is considered, to be able to enter the market with new products continuing the vision of ecological industry.

“Innovative waste management system”
At the end of last year, we received funding for the next project in the field of innovative technologies. We are now preparing processing facilities and disposal of waste – a project titled. “Developing innovative installation of waste treatment with energy recovery based on processing of low-carbon technologies” with total value of approx. 14 million. PLN. As part of this research project, there is planned to conduct industrial research and development that will lead to the production of the prototype line for waste disposal, while taking into account the target to generate electricity.
The proposed recycling line should be able to meet the needs of waste utilization of an average size municipality, but we also consider both the ability to adapt the installation for needs of a large waste disposal facility and possibilities of utilization of industrial waste generated in a specific production process.

Microbiogas – a new area of ​​renewable energy.
We are preparing to implement another project in the area of ​​renewable energy, involving the development and launch of new products for farms – micro biogas plants. Forecasts indicate that agricultural biogas sector in Poland will grow rapidly. Considering the fragmented structure of Polish agriculture and support policy for this type of power generation, we believe that popularization of small micro biogas plants located near farms can be a turning point in the development of biogas technology.